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Project Summaries from 2023

Roundup Community Partners (RCP) Update:

This year has been a busy year for RCP! RCP continues to maintain the kiosks for the Roundup RiverWalk and supply/stock the RiverWalk and Roundup Historic Walk brochures. RCP has installed four more benches on Main Street, has almost completed the Welcome Plaza Project with bathroom and visitor information kiosk, and has continued to sup-

port the developer for the Central School and other Main Street building renovations. RCP

has so many partners to celebrate and thank who have enabled the Welcome Plaza Project. Stay tuned for the date for our Open House for the Welcome Plaza. Enormous gratitude to all those who support RCP and our efforts for the intentional revitalization of Roundup!

Roundup Independence Days Extravaganza (RIDE) Update:

2023 was our 18th annual Roundup Independence Days Extravaganza (RIDE). RIDE

was 4-days and was our largest event ever with over 3,500 concert attendees and over 1,908 carnival tickets sold. Our evening entertainment included the legendary Sawyer

Brown! Our rock and roll night featured the world’s best Bon Jovi tribute band, Bed of Roses, who also brought an hour of amazing music as a Styx tribute by Renegade. The 5th annual Top Shot Competition had its highest attendance to date. This year RIDE had a 4-day carnival and a golf scramble for the second year in a row. The Midway West Carnival lit up Roundup for four days and brought much fun by day and by nights for all ages. The RIDE Scramble was extremely well received, and all benefits go to support the Junior Golfers Program. RIDE also added the Mimosa Mile, a one mile run or walk with mimosas to celebrate the 4th. The Mimosa Mile was so well attended, we had to buy more champagne! Other highlighted activities were our Kids Kountry with an inflatable area, Roundup Skylighters and Montana Poor Boys Pyrotechnics’ incredible fireworks display, and Cowboy Church.

RIDE 2024 will be July 3rd-7th, our longest event ever, and also represents our largest en-

tertainment budget to date. Rodney Atkins will bring his legendary performance to Round-

up on July 6th, and Ned LeDoux will light up the stage on July 5th! The Midway West Car-

nival will be here again from July 4th-7th. RIDE is so grateful to all of our sponsors and

donors! Without them, our volunteers could not keep RIDE going.

Arts & Culture Update:

The Musselshell Valley Community Foundation's Roundup Arts and Culture Committee

(Committee), organized in the late 1980's, preceded the formation of the Foundation itself

in 1997. As some A&C Committee members also served on the Foundation Board, the

Committee later chose to operate under the fiscal agency of the Foundation, thus accruing

all the benefits of being aligned with a formal non-profit. The Committee rarely consisted of

more than 10 motivated members whose primary intention was, and still remains, to imagine and support opportunities for cultural experiences for the Roundup community.

During it most active period, the Committee supported a variety of activities including Shakespeare in the Parks, Shakespeare in the Schools, and annual cultural gathering

highlighted by its own Reader's Theatre, journalist mentorships for local high school stu-

dents, guest poets, writers, and historians through the State's Humanities Program, Missoula Children's Theatre, an ongoing Central School reading project and probably its most lasting and tangible project, the conception and realization of the Roundup RiverWalk Heritage Trail.

This year's Missoula Children’s Theater production was Cinderella. 52 of our k-8 students

spent one week learning the whole play, with two performances on Saturday.

While the Committee is smaller and has less resources, it continues to bring Shakespeare

in the Parks to Roundup every summer as it has for over 30 years to the many loyal and

dedicated fans who often describe this evening as the highlight event of their summer.

Looking to 2024, the Committee is looking to recruit some new passionate members to

support and fund ongoing and new programs for our community. If you are keen to join our

team, please contact:

Bill Milton at


Market on Main

Market on Main celebrated its 3rd year in the 2023 season. The market started off strong

on June 7th and held seven Wednesday night events with the last being on September

27th. The markets have been well attended with a wide variety of vendors selling fresh

produce and baked items, locally raised meats, handmade art and crafts, and many other

unique items from around the area. Every market also enjoyed live music from local musicians. For the second year the markets also hosted a special 4th of July market & car

show in coordination with R.I.D.E. The Market on Main committee is currently working on

plans for the 2024 season.

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