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A Year In Review: 2021

This last year for MVCF has been one of changes. And change is good. Sometimes in the difficulty of it, we struggle, but we also lift each other up.

We would like to acknowledge and celebrate the new members of MVCF: Eric Eliasson, Alisha Merfeld, Stacy Mihalovich, Wendy Snook and Jennifer Solf.

We appreciate their time and talents to continue this grand and great philanthropic work through MVCF.

We have been working on board development and continuing to award grants as well as adjust to the changes of 2021. This year has not only brought new members, but also a new organization under the fiscal sponsorship of MVCF, Roundup Market on Main.

Roundup Market on Main was a successful endeavor its first year, as many community members and small businesses attended and participated in the event, and we look forward to its growth and continued success.

As always, we are grateful for the community members far and wide who generously donate to MVCF and to the organizations we fiscally sponsor.

The work we do at MVCF and the groups we sponsor have a positive impact on local organizations and the future of our community.

If you are interested in becoming part of the community, you can give directly to MVCF by becoming a member ($20.00 membership fee) or donating to the MVCF Endowment through the website

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