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Charitable Bequests: A Long-Term Affordable Personal Commitment to Your Community.

Charitable Bequests: A Long-Term Affordable Personal Commitment to Your Community.

The Musselshell Valley Community Foundation (MVCF) came into being in1997. The Foundation's creation was inspired by a few community members who were impressed with the success of the Central Montana Community Foundation, based in Lewistown, whose ability to secure donations from their larger community to build a growing endowment (capital fund) yielded increasing returns to invest in the community.

Thanks to you, over the last 23 years the endowment fund has grown to almost $350,000. The interest on the fund now generates close to $14,000 annually to support competitive grant requests from community-based organizations, With your continued support we can grow the endowments' value to $1,000,000, allowing up to $50,000 to be invested every year in Musselshell County.

From 2010 to 2060, approximately $123 billion will transfer from one generation to the next in Montana. If just 5% of this wealth was permanently endowed and just 5% distributed each year, it would mean a potential $307 million in annual grants to keep our state the place we love to call home. For Musselshell County this number could likely fall between 2 and 3 million dollars, thus, generating annual returns close to $150,000 to invest in the County. Recognizing this long-term opportunity for our community, the Foundation Board has embarked this year on a planned giving campaign to invite you to make charitable bequests to the Foundation.

What is a bequest? In a bequest, you leave a designated amount, percentage, or some remainder of your estate to charity in your will. Bequests allow an individual or family to make a significant community investment that will not come due until the donor dies. And, if the donor chooses to later change the commitment, the bequest is relatively easy to revoke or amend.

In the coming weeks, you may receive a letter from the Foundation to explore this opportunity to make a bequest to help build the endowment for future generations. If you do not get a letter, yet are keen on helping move our planned giving campaign forward. please contact Bill Milton (, or Lisa Laliberte (

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